Ashishkumar Chauhan

Managing Director & CEO, NSE

The glue that binds together India Alternatives & Gynoveda is the shared vision & conviction to pioneer the femtech space in India.

Vishal and Rachana Gupta
Dr. Aarati Patil

Founders, Gynoveda

We greatly value our partnership with India Alternatives. Our partnership has been mutually beneficial in consistently creating value and enhancing trust in the market.

Rajesh Kumar

MD & CEO ,TransUnion CIBIL

We are excited to partner with an investor of the calibre of India Alternatives. We strongly believe this association will bring synergies and help us achieve a leadership position in our represented product markets

Rahul Kumar Darda

CMD, Brinton

As a valued Partner, we cherish the relationship with India Alternatives. It enables us to continue to innovate, grow and build a better securities infrastructure together.

Padmaja Chunduru


India Alternatives is an involved and dynamic partner, striking the right balance between pushing us to perform and providing support when we need it.

Vishal Gupta & Abhijit Tannu

Founders, Seclore

We have had the pleasure of being associated with India Alternatives since March 2015, when they invested in our Company. Since then, our business has benefited immensely from the ideas and insights that both sides have exchanged. This has truly been a win-win partnership.

M. V. Nair


Exited in December 2020

What stands out about India Alternatives is their ability to spot opportunities and the promise of entirely new products/services and platforms in emerging areas of the economy long before these become apparent to others. Operationally, they have been Guardians of Governance on our Board with a detailed understanding and meticulous monitoring of the businesses they have invested in.

Sumir Hinduja

Founder, Enamor

Exited in September 2019

Working with the India Alternatives team has been a rich experience. Shivani brings to our business her wealth of knowledge and exposure across sectors and the approach is always collaborative and constructive and not critical. Her intuitive understanding of our category is an added advantage.

Shekhar Tewari

CEO, Enamor

Exited in September 2019

The India Alternatives team has been an involved and proactive partner supporting us through tough times and helping us reinvent ourselves to overcome challenges of a dynamic market.

Rajesh Turakhia

CEO, Ideacount